How to Hide Fupa in High Waisted Jeans?

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FUPA is common among women. It not only affects the physical appearance but also dents the confidence of your individuals. But, the good thing is that with a good approach, you can hide the FUPA, and look more charming.

But the question is: how to hide Fupa? You can do so by wearing high-waisted jeans that are made with stretchy material. The high-rise jeans reach up to the start of your tummy and cover your Fupa with ease.

Since it is established now that FUPA can be hidden by high-waisted jeans, there are some tips and guidelines that you can follow to do that effectively and maintain your confidence.

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What is FUPA? Basic Understandings

FUPA in simplest words is the belly fat that appears on the public area under the belly. It looks awful and can easily destroy one’s looks, and appearance. 

FUPA stands for ‘‘Fat Upper Public Area’’ and if you have got FUPA due to obesity or any other reason, don’t worry – because it can be hidden with proper technique. 

Is it your fault if you got FUPA? Well, to some extent not really. Many women get it after pregnancy, which is perfectly fine. There is no need to feel embarrassed.

In this blog post, I’ll give you some tips, and useful information that you can use to hide your FUPA and improve your overall looks, and appearance. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

How to Hide Fupa? Tips & Practical Pieces of Advice

How to Hide Fupa in High Waisted Jeans
How to Hide Fupa in High-Waisted Jeans? Tips

By using high-waisted jeans, you can hide the Fupa easily. In the below part of this article, you’re going to learn the basic tips, and techniques that would help you in hiding it.

1- Prefer Jeans Over Skirts

Many people say that by wearing a long loose skirt, one can hide FUPA which is totally wrong. Skirts remain beneath the Fupa, and hence they make it look more prominent. When you wear a skirt, people’s attention goes to your hips and the public area.

But with the jeans, you can easily hide. Jean means not every pair of jeans will do the same. You should only use mid-rise or high-rise jeans that stay near your belly. When the high-rise jeans stay near the belly,  it would hide the Fupa.

2- Loose vs Tight Jeans

So it is finalized that jeans work like a charm when it comes to hiding the Fupa. But should you wear a tight one or a loose one? That’s the question that may confuse you.

The tight jeans are more suitable for hiding the Fupa because they offer you excellent gripping. The loose one does not provide the gripping, and can also come toward letting the Fupa look more prominent. 

3- Fabric of High-Waisted Jeans

To hide the Fupa, the fabric of the jeans plays an important role. If you use jeans made with rigid fabric, you’ll feel uncomfortable as it will clinch your belly. You won’t be able to wear such jeans for a long duration.

On the other hand, if the jean is made with stretchy material, then it would adjust according to the size of your Fupa, and fit on it perfectly. You’ll feel comfortable because the stretchy high-waisted jeans won’t be clinching you at all. 

4- Ankle Jeans are Better

According to my experience, ankle jeans are better at drawing the other’s attention downwards. So, people won’t focus on your belly area, and you’ll feel more confident, as well as more relaxed. 

5- Vertical stripes

You might have noticed that FUPA is usually more noticeable among the women with smaller height. Although we cannot artificially increase the height, there is one thing that you can do to look taller – which is to wear the tops with vertical lines.

You should wear shirts with vertical stripes so that you look tall. Those lines cause an illusion due to which the people’s attention does not go to your FUPA (hidden under the high-waisted jeans).

6- Wear Loose Tops

The high-waisted jeans are an excellent option, and the loose tops complement the role of waisted jeans. If your Fupa is too big, the high-waisted jeans can cause small signs (bumps) just under the belly. But if you wear loose shorts, that sign of Fupa will remain hidden which would obviously restore your confidence and comfort.

7- Jackets blazer, sweater

If you are going somewhere in the winter, or you live in a region where the temperature remains low, then you are lucky. You can wear jackets, or blazers that would 100% hide your hide and make you feel confident. 

However, in the summer season, you can wear a loose top, and let it come over the belt of the jeans. Leave it as it is – this is modern fashion. Women leave the shirt above the belt and obviously, it would do more than enough to hide your Fupa. Again, this works only with high-waisted jeans.

8- Waist Bands

Have you ever tried waistbands? If not, you should try as they work like a charm in hiding the Fupa if the size of that Fupa is not too big. The waistband will obviously be worn under the high-waisted jeans.

By using the combination of waistbands, high-waisted jeans, and loose tops, you can easily hide the Fupa, and look more confident. The waistband will reduce the size of the Fupa to a significant level.

How does the color of high-waisted jeans help hide a Fupa?

The color of the jeans plays an integral part in hiding or making the FUPA prominent. If you wear jeans in light colors, it won’t draw any attention, and people’s attention will go to your Fupa which would be embarrassing for you.

On the other hand, if you wear sharp colors like black, then these sharp colors would draw others’ attention towards your legs. No one would notice you Fupa. However, keep in mind that these colors are only helpful in hiding the Fupa when you wear high-waisted jeans.

What’s the bottom line? Wear high-rise jeans that are of sharp colors like black or similar and are tight to ensure that they attract the attention of others, making your Fupa less prominent. You should also wear light-colored tops to contrast with your jeans.

What mistakes should be avoided when concealing a Fupa with high-waisted jeans?

Certainly, there are a few things that you always avoid to ensure that your FUPA does not get any attention from others. Those include:

  • Don’t wear high heels 
  • Don’t wear loose jeans
  • Don’t wear sharp colored tops
  • Don’t wear jeans that are too long and go beneath your ankle

I’m sure that by avoiding these simplest mistakes, you will be able to hide your Fupa comfortably and feel confident.

How does the rise of high-waisted jeans affect the visibility of a Fupa?

According to my experience, high-waisted jeans work wonders when it comes to hiding the Fupa. On the other hand, the low-rise jeans make the Fupa look even more prominent. Let me explain the reasons.

The high or even mid-rise-waisted jeans go up to the tummy area (up to the navel area) so that cover your belly fat and complete your Fupa. But when you wear the low-rise jeans, it does not go to the belly region. Instead, it remains low making the Fupa remain popped and make you look awful.

Special Note: I suggest you always consider high-rise jeans over mid-rise so that your Fupa remains hidden or covered under the jeans. Although mid-rise also works for hiding small to midsize Fupa, high-rise jeans are ideal as they cover the Fupa of any size.

Final Words: How to Hide Fupa in High-Waisted Jeans?

If you have read the complete article, I am sure that you would be able to successfully hide your Fupa and look gorgeous even if you have recently given birth to a baby. Got Fupa? Waisted jeans are the solution that can restore your confidence with ease. 

Hopefully, this guide will add some value to your dressing, and fashion sense. If you have any other questions related to this topic, you can ask in the comment section. I’ll quickly respond to your queries.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through the links. Learn More

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