How to Dress Broad Shoulders and Big Arms?

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In the previous guide, we discussed the dressing solution for broad shoulders with big busts. But this piece is going to be slightly different as our focus will be to give you outfit ideas for those who have broad shoulders, but big arms.

So, what should you wear to compensate for the big arms? To put others’ attention away from your big arms, and broad shoulders, wear V-necks, scoop-necks, and collarless blouses as they are excellent in balancing the looks. Tops with long sleeves can also be a suitable match to make your big arms look more balanced with your body.

By reading this guide till the last word, you’re going to have some solutions for your big arms that could be frustrating for you. 

Dresses for Broad Shoulders and Big Arms

The truth will always be the truth: everyone is made beautiful. No matter if you are chubby with big arms, or have big busts, you have to believe that you are beautiful. 

But, to enhance your beauty, and to get others’ attention, I am going to give you some dressing ideas that would certainly help your soul.

Just a Small Reminder: The dressing ideas that I am going to share can be used for any occasion and event such as concerts etc. They are a kind of universal dress solution that will make you prominent wherever you go.

1- Tops for Broad Shoulders and Big Arms

This guide is going to be divided into two parts. Here I’ll be guiding you about the tops that you wear if you have broad shoulders with long arms. Once we complete this part, then I will take you to the bottom guidelines to ensure that you create the perfect balance.

V-necks, scoop-necks, and collarless blouses

The aim should be to put others’ attention from arms to other parts of the body. For this, you can wear V-necks, scoop necks, and collarless blouses to ensure that you look more balanced. The good thing about V-neck tops is that they attract others’ attention towards themselves.

Usually, the long article is disproportionate to their hips. Right? But by wearing these tops, you can ensure that no one notices your long arms and the unbalance that they create with your hips or waistline.

If you have nice-sized busts, wearing these necktops can be even better. The reason is that people will be more focused on your top, your upper part of the body. In this way, your big arms won’t get much attention.

Tops with Long Sleeves

Those tops that come with long sleeves can be suitable options for long-arm women. The idea is to make your arms less noticeable. By wearing the sleeve tops, your arms remain less prominent. What about wearing a V-necked top with sleeves?

That would be ideal for sure. However, there are some tops with cap sleeves that are not recommended for those who have broad shoulders, and big arms. They make the arms more prominent. But there is a big point missing.

Always Wear the loose sleeves, that go along your arms. Wearing tight ones is totally useless, as they do more bad than good. People’s attention will go to your arms due to the tightness of your sleeves.

Peplum tops 

They are also a great way to add waist definition. As I said earlier, broad shoulders and big arms usually mess with the physical appearance of your hips. But by wearing the peplum tops, you can add a waist definition which will make your hips more noticeable than the arms.

Jackets, Blazers and Coats

Usually, jackets make everyone look very attractive. This is the reason that you’ll see everyone (from tall to short, and skinny to chubbies) wearing the jackets. But do you know that by wearing the jackets, you can proportionate the arms, broad shoulders, and overall body?

Jackets and overcoats are a great way: not only to make a balance in your body, but they ensure that your flaws remain hidden under the jackets or overcoats. Keep in mind that jackets that you wear must have sleeves, and elongate along your arms.

Skip Tops

Skip tops are a good option to wear for those women who are older,  chubby, and also have massive arms. These tops can hide your obesity and make you look decent. However, they may not be the perfect option for girls or skinny women with broad shoulders and long arms.

2- Bottoms for Broad Shoulders and Big Arms

In the section above, I’ve explained the kind of tops that can be suitable for you. However, it’s time to discuss the bottoms and discuss what kind of skirt would make you look more balanced even if you have long arms.

A-line Skirts

Aline skirts give you a feeling of smoothness. You’ll look the same from top to bottom, and no one will notice your big arms and broad shoulders. However, I’d suggest you wear a color a-line skirt with a shocking color top to ensure that you look more chubby at the bottom which will make you look more attractive.

Flare Jeans

I’ve said this in the previous guide as well. If you have broad shoulders, make sure to use flare jeans as they move attention away from the shoulders. In this way, no one will notice your broad shoulder. However, flare jeans also complement if you have big busts.

Tight Pants

Tight pants are usually a good option for those who are smart in physical appearance. However, if you are chubby, I would never give you advice on wearing tight pants like jeans, etc. The reason is that they will make your legs less prominent, and more focus will go to your big arms, and broad shoulders.

However, if you have a nice body, with balanced busts, and not really broad shoulders, only then the tight pants come in handy. If you are chubby, don’t go for tight jeans as they will do more bad than good.

Should You Wear Short Skirts if You Have Broad Shoulders & Big Arms?

The answer is straightforward, and it is a big NO NO.

The short skirts are only suitable for girls who don’t have really big assets. If you have a chubby body, with big arms, then you should always avoid wearing those short skirts. The reason is that they make the upper body part more prominent.

As I said earlier, the big army and broad shoulders usually mess with the hips. So, when you wear a skirt, your hips become more prominent which indirectly puts others’ attention on your waist, and big arms. 

Are Short sleeves that end right above the elbow Good for Big Arms?

Yes, they are a good option to wear especially if you are an aged woman. However, the short sleeves won’t make you really prominent if you are a younger woman with a thinner body shape. I would suggest you go with full sleeves with loose fitting to ensure that you feel more comfortable.

Wearing the sleeves that are cut loose also draws attention from the broad shoulders. People will notice more of your elbow, and the overall body instead of shoulders. This is why I am in favor of Full sleeves but with loose cuttings.

Verdict: Final Words

Again say: you are beautiful, but by following our tips, you can uplift your fashion sense and ensure that you look prominent among the others. 

Still confused? Go wear v-neck tops and flare jeans but make sure to choose a contrasting color to look vibrant if you have broad shoulders and big arms. Hopefully, this guide will prove to be a great help for you.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through the links. Learn More

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