How to Dress Broad Shoulders and Large Bust?

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Being a broad-shoulder woman with a large bust is great – but when it comes to dress, one can get confused. What to wear, and what to not, can lead to confusion and headaches. Imagine you are going to a concert, but stuck with what to wear to look elegant.

So, here is what you should wear with broad shoulders and large busts: You can use V-necked tops and lightweight-colored bottoms. The V-necklines make your busts more prominent and flatter your upper part. However, you can also wear layered tops which can be a good option as well.

In fact, there are lots of options that a woman with bulky looks can wear. You’re going to get a lot of ideas in this guide.

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Dressing Tips for Broad Shoulders and Big Busts

No doubt, you’re awesome. But with suitable outfits you will look elegant, and charming. In the upcoming portion, you’re going to learn some outfit ideas that would be a perfect fit for someone like you who has broad shoulders with a big chest.

1- V-neck or Wrap Tops

First things first, V-neck tops are very famous, but they are going to make you feel more confident by elongating your neck. As you know, a woman’s neck is the epitome, and it is the part that makes you either beautiful or awful.

But unfortunately, we cannot make the neck bigger or shooter, but, we can make it look bigger or shorter by wearing the suitable. By wearing the V-neck or wrap tops, you can make your neck look elongated, and feel comfortable and easy.

2- A-Line Silhouettes

In case you have really big busts, and people notice your upper part, and you feel embarrassed, then these A-line silhouettes can be an ideal choice for you. Let me explain why I said so,

Actually, these A-line tops draw peoples’ attention from the top to the bottom. So if you have a really big breast, people won’t peep. Instead, their attention will move towards your busts which would help you feel more confident.

3- Empire Waist Dresses

Women want to look elegant, and if you have a bulky body, you would definitely love to grab the attention of others. If so, you can try empire waist dresses as they will make your upper body parts more prominent.

You won’t believe your ears: but these dresses will also hide your tummy if you are chubby with a big tummy. Your busts would look more prominent, whereas your tummy won’t be getting attention. That’s what these dresses are all about.

4- Bootcut or flare jeans

Not only the tops, but the bottoms also play a critical role in making you look balanced. The flare jeans are a very good option for those who have broad shoulders, and big busts. The reason is that they draw the attention of others towards your legs. 

In fact, wide-leg, boot cuts, or flare jeans do the same thing: and that’s why they are very well-known among bulky women. I would suggest you wear a V-necked top with flare jeans so that there remains a balance between your upper, and lower body.

What’s the bottom line? The V-necked tops will promote your busts, whereas the flare jeans would draw the attention downwards. In this way, there would be very minimal attention towards the broad shoulders of yours.

5- Play with Colors

Although dresses are important, you cannot overlook the importance of the colors that you wear. Usually, the light colors give the feeling of wideness, whereas the dark colors let you feel more tightness. Have you noticed this?

Therefore, I’d suggest you wear color bottoms (pants or a skirt) and color tops if you have long shoulders and big busts. The reason is that the sharpness at the top would make you look more tight, and busts would look more squeezed, and sleek. 

The lighter color at the bottom will draw attention from your broad shoulders, and make you look more relaxed and wider at the bottom. It would obviously make you look more balanced, charming, and attractive.

6- Horizontal vs Vertical Stripes on Tops

Every dress comes with some patterns, and linings to enhance the look of that dress. Right? But you will have to choose that pattern carefully. If the top has horizontal stripes, then don’t choose it for yourself in case you have broad shoulders and big busts.

The reason is that the horizontal strips would make you look wider, and chubby. Instead, you should choose a dress that has vertical stripes or linings. In this way you’ll look taller, and more attractive.

Note: The horizontal strip dress is suitable for those who are skinny.

7- Tiny vs Wider Strips on Tops

As I said, dresses can have stripes and lines. But the tiny straps on the top is not something that you should consider for yourself. The reason is that they will broaden your already broad shoulders, and you’ll look chubby.

Instead, you should choose tops with wider lines or stripes as they will make your broad shoulders look more slimmer. In fact, the wider lines won’t make your busts extra prominent as well which is another cool thing.

8- Sleeve vs Sleeveless Tops

This is a big debate – and requires complete detail. However, in short, you should choose the top with sleeves as they somehow make your shoulders look less broad. Make sure to choose the sleeve that remains loose.

The sleeves that are tight do not give you comfortable feelings. Instead, they also make your broad shoulders look more prominent which would affect your overall looks and confidence.

Suitable Bra: Holds 60% of Your Dressing SENSE

The bigger busts – and dim colored bra, it would make you look awful. At the same time, if you wear a colored bra with a nice fitting, you’re going to look gorgeous. It won’t be wrong to say that the bra is essential when it comes to choosing the dress for someone who has broad shoulders, and big busts.

But the question might pop up: what color should I use? I’d suggest you go with a sharp color that contrasts with your top. If your top is a light pastel, you might consider choosing a contrasting color like navy blue or mustard yellow. 

Bonus Tip: More importantly, you should always make sure that you wear the right size, so that your breasts don’t feel congested, and you feel comfortable while wearing it.

Dress to Avoid for Women with Broad Shoulders & Large Busts

So, you know, what is the best way for you to look elegant? Right? But, there are some dresses that you should not wear – as they can disturb your looks. In the section below, you’ll mention those dresses so that you avoid mistakes.

High Necklines: They cause the illusion that you have a smaller neck, and hence destroy your overall look of yours. So better to avoid them.

Tight or Bulky Jackets: The reason is that they make your broad shoulders more prominent and can cause you discomfort in public places such as concerts

Boxy Tops, and Excessive Ruffles: A big No, No. The reason is that they put more attention on your upper body and you’ll appear broader.

Clingy Fabric: I don’t recommend it because it will make your busts extra prominent. That can be a negative thing as people would be more focused on your busts instead of your overall looks.

Tight or Fitted Tops: You should always avoid them as they will be uncomfortable for you in case you have large busts.

Accessorize Broad Shoulders and Large Bust

Apart from the dress that you wear, some other accessories can make you look elegant and enhance your body’s charm. 

  • Wear bigger-sized rings (If you are in a relationship, wear your special rings).
  • Wear a necklace and let it around your bust area if it is bigger.
  • Ideally, you should wear mid-sized heels when it comes to shoes
  • Use a bag that is not too small. Again, a mid-sized bag would be a nice option
  • Use the belts that are bigger and remain visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I dress with broad shoulders and a big chest?

I suggest you choose balanced silhouettes. Opting for V-necklines, and considering dark colors can be a suitable option. 

How do I minimize broad shoulders and big chests?

By avoiding high necklines, bold prints on top, and wearing the right color combination (light bottoms, and sharp tops) you can minimize the broad shoulders and big chest with ease.

What neckline suits broad shoulders and big busts?

Flattering necklines including V-neck, and scoop neck are always suitable options as they enhance your overlook look.

Can I wear half skirts with broad shoulders, & big bests?

Yes, you can wear them in case you want to get more attention in an event such as a concert, etc. Such bottoms will make you prominent as you will be getting all the attention due to large busts, and shorts.

Verdict: Final Words

In the end, I must say that any dress that makes you feel confident is ideal. There is no hard and fast rule in choosing the dresses. However, if you want yourself to be aligned with modern fashion, then you can follow my recommendations mentioned above.

For me, V-necked tops (with no high neckline) and flare jeans would be an ideal option. When it comes to the colors, go with a light color bottom, a sharped color top, and a bra. With this, you’ll get all the due attention, and feel confident even if you have broad shoulders and big busts.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through the links. Learn More

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