How to Dress a Small Bust Big Tummy? Tips + Advice!

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Well, having a small bust is no shame. But, choosing the dress style is surely a bit challenging when you have a small bust and a big tummy. So, visiting a concert, or any occasion, can get your head what to wear. But, I have a solution to your nightmare.

So, how to dress a small bust with a big tummy? Ideally, you should avoid using tight tops, and focus more on wearing the V-necked or wrap tops that divert other attention from your bust or tummy to your neckline. 

A lot more tips and interesting information is coming up your way that would be super helpful. So, be connected till the last word!

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Body Shape, and Physical Appearance

Slim, or chubby – you will have to dress according to your shape. As you know there are different people with different body shapes.

Don’t you know?

If not, fret not, you’re going to learn the different body shapes first, and then you gotta decide according to your body shape, and waist size.

Body TypeCharacteristics
Apple TypeSmaller but, but bigger tummy and hips
Pear TypeSmaller, but bigger tummy and hips
HourglassBalanced bust and hips
RectangularSame body shape – no difference in bust, waist, and hips.

By getting the above information, it would be very easy for you to decide what kind of tops, or pants you should look for. In this guide, we will only discuss the pear-type shape and how you can dress up even if your bust is small, and the tummy is on a bigger side.

How to Dress a Small Bust Big Tummy? 

As I said earlier, you should wear tops that divert people’s attention from your bust to your face or neckline. For example, you can wear V-necked, wrap, or off-the-shoulder tops as they make your upper body more prominent.

There are some other tops, and dressing styles available as well that can help you play more with your style, and dress what makes you satisfied. 

In the section below, I will give you some top ideas that you can wear, and look gorgeous even with a small bust and big tummy.

1- Wrap Tops

Such tops are my favorite because women with any body shape can wear them and look good. If you have a smaller bust, these wrap tops will make them look more flashy and prominent. Actually, these tops create an illusion of bigger busts that make you look elegant.

At what age should you wear wrap tops? Generally, women of all ages can wear them. However, women between 25 to 45 years of age look graceful. In case you are worried due to small busts and feel embarrassed, wear tops can be your choice.

2- V-Necklines

One of the easiest ways to look good while having small busts is to divert people’s attention from the busts. And Guess what? These V-neckline tops actually do this!

When you wear V-necked tops, people will focus more on your neckline, and upper part of your body instead of your bust, which would help you feel more confident. 

At what age should you wear wrap tops? Unfortunately, women older than 40 years do not look ideal with V-neckline tops. However, if you are below 40, you would look elegant with the V-necked tops.

3- A-Line Dresses and Tops

A-line dresses and tops are something that suits women of almost every age. However, if you have small busts and a big tummy, make sure to buy a top that is slightly looser so that it does not tighten on the tummy, and your busts look prominent. 

Tighter tops look good as they usually enhance the look of your busts – but they also make your tummy look more prominent. This is why you should be careful while choosing the size. If your top is tighter, you can visit any nearest tailor, and ask him to adjust according to your needs.

At what age should you wear wrap tops? Women of every age look gorgeous no matter if they have small busts. However, if your tummy is too much raised, then you should not wear such tops, as they won’t hide your tummy. You might think to wear an extra loose top, but in this way, your bust won’t look prominent.

4- Ruched or Draped Tops

Ruching or draping is useful in camouflaging the bigger tummy. However, these tops are usually useful when you’re not too old, and your tummy is also not too big. However, if you are eager to wear an extra big tummy, then you will have to adjust from the tailor. 

For example, you can order a bigger draped top, and then get some customization from the tailor. Ideally, you should ask the tailor to tighten the chest area and loosen the tummy area so that the busts look prominent, and the tummy does not look bigger.

At what age should you wear wrap tops? Ruched or draped tops are generally sleeker to younger women from the age ranging from 25 to 35. However, if your tummy is not too big, you can use it even if you are older than 40 years.

5- Layered Tops

This is what suits women of almost every age. The layers of your top work magic by distracting the people’s attention from your tummy to your overall look. So, people will look more at your face, and no one notices your big tummy or small busts.

However, you’ll make sure that those layers remain perfect on your tummy. One thing that I would love to mention is that if you are not very bulky, then you should consider wearing V-necked tops as they would make you elegant and gorgeous. 

At what age should you wear wrap tops? As I said earlier, women of all ages can wear layers tops, however, I consider such outfits more suitable for those with a very big tummy. They will make you look smoother, and equally good even if you have a small bust and a big tummy.

6- Structured Jackets or Blazers

Wearing Jackets, or blazers can be a very good option to hide the big tummy, but they can only be worn in the winter season. If you live in a country where the weather is not kind, and the temperature remains on the higher side, this dress may not be the perfect fit.

I won’t recommend this for summer. However, in winter, if you are attending any concert, or any other occasion, by wearing structured jackets, you can get your confidence on top. No one would notice your small busts and big tummy.

7-Flowy Tunics

Loose-cutting tunics can be an ideal way for young women to hide their tummies. However, these outfits won’t be perfect for old women as they would not match their overall personality. If your tummy is too big, then I suggest you go for a custom adjustment from the tailor.

Want to know the best part?

By wearing flowy tunics, your busts won’t look bad due to their smaller size. These outfits create a perfect balance between the smaller busts and the bigger tummy, and make sure that people don’t notice your weakness.

8- Empire Waist Tops

Just like flowy tunics, these empire waist tops are also useful for young ladies who don’t have a really big tummy but have smaller busts. These empire waist tops create an illusion at the upper part (at your busts), and at the tummy part, it remains loose so no one notices your tummy is too big.

At what age should you wear wrap tops? These tops can be worn at any age if your tummy is not too big. Unfortunately, if the midsection is too large, these tops do more bad than good by showing your tummy more evidently.

9- Cowl Neck Tops

Cowl neck tops usually look more suitable for tall ladies. However, they work like a charm when it comes to hiding the bigger tummy. Guess what, these cowl neck tops do not create an illusion, but they make everything (bigger tummy, and smaller busts) balanced. So, you won’t feel embarrassed.

10- Custom Fitting Tops

Want the easiest solution for your cumbersome? I would suggest you get custom-fitting tops from your tailor. The reason is that when you order a custom-fitting outfit, everything remains in your hands. 

You can have a tight chest and loose midsection (tummy area) to ensure that your small busts look more enhanced, and a big tummy also does not look prominent. 

The best part is: that no matter how old you are, or if you have a really big tummy, having custom-fitting tops can be your ultimate solution. You will feel comfortable, and look confident because your small busts or big tummy won’t be prominent to others.

Note: When ordering a custom-fitting top, make sure to provide the tailor with your measurement so that you get outfits that match your body.

Tips for Choosing Tops with Small Busts, and Big Tummy

In the upper section, I’ve guided you completely about what can be the best option to wear and hide the big tummy. However, there are a few tips and DOs that you must know to ensure that you don’t only wear outfits, but confidence as well.

1- Never Wear Tight Dress

One of the most important tips that you must keep in mind is that you should never wear tight tops if you have a big tummy. If you do so, your tummy will be prominent and everyone’s attention will go to your tummy. 

Instead, try to wear loose tops so that there remains a balance between your bust and tummy. If you keep on wearing tight tops, you can go with custom fitting where you have a tight chest area and look at the mid-section area of your top.

2- Wear Light Color

Women usually like sharp colors – but they are not a perfect fit for those who have a big tummy. Why? Because they make you more prominent. So if the tummy is slightly big, people’s attention will automatically go to your large tummy.

On the other hand, If you wear a light dress like light pink or anything like that, people’s attention would be less aggressive on your body due to less sharp colors. This could be a very good way to distract peoples’ attention from big tummy, and small busts.

3- Be Flexible

When it comes to dressing when you have to hide something like a big tummy, then make sure that you don’t remain rigid in making choices. Instead, you should opt to wear anything that makes your body less prominent and helps you to be more prominent.

If you like a specific top, but it is not perfect for giving you an elegant look, you should switch to something else. When you are flexible, chances are high that you’ll end up wearing a nice outfit that gives you confidence and hides your tummy.

4- High-Necklines

High neckline tops are a very option for those who have a slim body shape. But, they are not ideal if you have small busts. The reason is that they will make your breasts more prominent, and people’s attention will automatically go to your breasts. If they are small, it might be an embarrassment for you.

5- Horizontal Stripes Across the Tummy

As you know, the designers make the outfits more attractive by adding different patterns, styles, and colors. Those colors attract women, especially those who love to be more fashionable.

But: Let me spill the beans!

You should never choose a top that contains sharp color lining or strips on the midsection. The reason is that those linings or strip other peoples’ attention of your tummy would make you feel embarrassed.

6- Belts at the Waist

If you have ever gone to a concert, you might have seen ladies wearing outfits and belts at the tummy. That outfits and fashion look cool. But that’s not the perfect thing for you in case you have a big tummy.

Why? Here’s the inside scoop: The belts that you wear at the tummy make your midsection more prominent. If you have a big tummy, everyone will see it. Therefore, I suggest you avoid wearing the belts.

Tips for Bottoms If You Use Big Tummy

To be honest, you can wear any sort of pants or skirt that is not going to be an issue at all. All that matters is your top as it can hide or make the tummy prominent, and make you feel embarrassed. However, I would like to suggest some bottoms so that you could have options while deciding what you should wear.

1- A-line Skirts

I know that every lady loves skirts because they are super comfortable, and give you sleek looks. To create a balance between your upper, and lower body, you can wear an A-line skirt as it would flare out of your tummy, and give you an elegant outlook. No one would notice your big tummy at all.

2- Ponte Pants or Leggings

Trust me, or not, pone pants or leggings can be an ideal way to divert others’ attention from the upper part of your body to the lower part. The reason is that leggings or ponte pants give you a more polished look and hide your lumps or bumps. No one would notice your big tummy or small busts.

3- Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are well known due to the comfort and ease that they offer. The good thing is that they make your hips, or tummy look less prominent. However, these pants are more suitable for younger women from ages ranging from 25 to 40 years of age.

4- Flowy Maxi Skirts

Have you ever tried flowy maxi skirts when attending a concert or any other occasion? They can be suitable to hide tummy or small busts. They draw the attention of others towards your legs. Even if you have very small busts, no one would even look at them. All the focus will go to the lower portion of yours, making you look more attractive.

5- Tunic Pants

Loose pants are always ideal for making you look more charming. You might have heard that tunic pants in any color are ideal. But that’s not true. 

Here’s a nugget of wisdom!

I highly recommend you do matching, and ensure that the colors of your top, and tunic pants match to give you a more balanced look. 

Other Accessories for Completing Your Dressing with Big Tummy & Small Busts

In the upper section, I’ve explained everything in complete detail and ensured that you don’t have to be worried when attending any event. Especially if you have a large tummy, but small busts. 

However, to complement the dresses that I have guided you about, there are a few accessories that every woman uses, which is also important. In the table below, some useful tips about shoes, jewelry, and bags are given.

AccessoriesUseful Tips
JewelryTo look more elegant, I suggest you use a smaller bag, instead of using bulky ones.
BagsIn order to look more elegant, I suggest you use a smaller bag, instead of using bulky ones.
ShoesYour aim should be to look tall – so use the shoes with high heels that make you tall.

Confidence is Everything 

One thing that you always keep in mind is that no one in this world is ugly: and if you have a big tummy or small bust, don’t worry. That’s part of life. You don’t need to be hesitant or feel embarrassed.

However, to look more beautiful, and attractive, you can test out my given dress ideas: and I am sure that you won’t regret it. As I said, you should be open to accepting new designs, and styles, and wear outfits that make you feel confident.

Verdict: Final Words

Can you dress like a charm even if you have a small bust, a big tummy, and an unbalanced body shape? Yes 100%, by following the guidelines I offered, you can uplift your fashions, and wear outfits that excite your confidence. 

If you’ve any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section, and I’ll be quick to respond. Moreover, you can follow me on Pinterest, and get the content regularly. With the hope that my suggestion would benefit you, I am signing off!

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through the links. Learn More

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