8 Ways to Dress Broad Shoulders and Small Bust – Easy to Follow Tips!

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If you find yourself in the category of ladies with broad shoulders and a smaller chest, this article is crafted just for you. Our aim is to keep things simple and straightforward, so you can easily grasp how to enhance your unique body shape.

The V-necklines and right-sized push-up bras work effectively in helping you look charming and confident if you have small busts. You can also try blazers, wrap blouses, deep plunging necklines, and tops with vertical strips to boost your confidence.

I know the fact that the ladies don’t feel confident if they are not satisfied with their outfits. Especially if you don’t have a perfect body shape, the issue would be immense. But don’t worry – as this guide will help you restore your confidence.

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Analyze Yourself

First of all, before making any decision, you must analyze yourself, and point out the weakness of your shape or body structure. Broad shoulders are a powerful feature, giving you a striking silhouette.

However, pairing this with a small bust requires a thoughtful approach to balance and highlight your features in the best way. The goal is to create harmony in your appearance, making you feel confident and stylish. In the upcoming part of this blog post, I will give you easy-to-follow, and cost-effective ways to dress in small busts and broad shoulders.

6 Effective Ways to Dress Broad Shoulders and Small Busts 

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that you are beautiful. Never ever let yourself feel down due to small breasts. While dressing, your aim must be to portray the beautiful part of your body and hide those aspects that you believe are not ideal. 

The question is: Can you hide the body part? The answer will be a big NO! 

So, what to do in this case? Your aim should be to divert others” attention from your small busts, and broad shoulders. You should dress in a way that people remain more focused on your face, and neckline instead of your small busts. 

In the upcoming section, I am going to give you effective ways to hide or divert others’ attention from your small busts, and broad shoulders. So, let’s get started!

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1- V-Necklines and Scoop Necks

V-necklines and scoop necks will always be your friend – no matter if you are attending a concert or any other events, such v-necks meet your needs. The reason is that the necklines draw the eye up and down.

The v-necklines are very useful in making your broad shoulders look narrow and enhancing the chest area without overemphasis. Incorporating tops and dresses with these necklines into your wardrobe can make a significant difference in your overall look.

2- Push-Up Bras

You might not believe it, but push-up bras work wonders in portraying your small busts. Ultimately, it’s all about getting the attention and showcasing the best of you. The push-up bra pushes the busts up and makes them look bigger in size.

With the help of these bras, people won’t notice that you have small busts due to the illusion that they create. However, make sure to choose the right size of bra with suitable material so that it makes you feel comfortable.

3- A-Line Dresses and Skirts

A-line dresses and skirts are wonderfully flattering for those with broad shoulders and small busts. What I like the most about these dresses is that they gently flare out from the waist which balances the broader shoulder by increasing or adding the volumes to the lower part of your body, especially the hips.

I would say that these dresses are good at creating illusion. The way that flare out, and increase the volume at hips make your overall shape look more natural. Others attention won’t go on your broad shoulders due to the overall curves of your body and bottom caused due to illusion.

4- Vertical Strips to Hide the Broad Shoulder

Another best way to hide the broad shoulders is to wear the tops with vertical lines or stripes. It might sound less important, but it works like a charm. Infact, the lines or stripes present on the tops also make small busts less prominent.

No one notices your small busts – instead everyone tends to be more focused about your neck, and face. The vertical line makes you look thinner, whereas the horizontal lines make you look more broader. If you have broad shoulders, I suggest you wear the top with vertical lines – not the ones with horizontal lines.

5- Blazers and Jackets

For small busts ladies, wearing a structured blazer or jacket that nips in at the waist adds definition and shape. However, the jackets or blazers should not be too heavy and they should add any extra bulk on the shoulders.

The key is to choose layers that create a visual balance, drawing attention away from the broadness of the shoulders and towards your center. In this way, you’ll be able to gain confidence as your small busts, and broad shoulders won’t be as prominent as they are now.

6- Embrace Patterns and Textures

I am a big believer that the patterns, textures, and the colors hold a very special role when it comes to choosing the dress. Females with broad shoulders and small busts can benefit from adding interest to their lower half to balance their proportions. 

Think bold prints, pleats, or even peplum details at the waist. These elements can add volume and draw the eye downward, creating a sense of equilibrium in your outfit. As I said in the start,your aim should be to draw others attention away from the broad shoulders, and small busts.

The patterns, and texture on the midsection would surely draw others attention away from your bust to hips area and you’ll feel more confidence. Keep in mind that texture on the bottom side of the top would portray your hips, and others won’t notice bigger or broader shoulders.

7- Wrap blouses and dresses 

The wrap blouses are useful in hiding the small busts. But does it make sense to hide already small busts? Well, I leave it to you. If you ask me, I won’t suggest you wear such wrap blouses as they further make your breasts look small. However, they also give you a smooth, and balanced look with no bumps.

I am one who loves to show off – and never try to hide my busts. This is why I don’t like the wrap blouses. However, if you have very small busts, you can wear them as they would hide them and no one will notice your very small busts. In this way, you can restore your confidence.

8- Deep plunging necklines

This is another very useful dressing tip – as you can portray your small busts in the deep plunging necklines. You might think that people would notice the small breast, but that’s not going to happen at all.

The deep plunging necklines are designed in such a way that they create an illusion. No one notices that you have small busts, but the design of the neckline attracts more people. Your broader shoulder, and small busts won’t get any notice at all.

Bonus Tip – Wear Necklace to Hide Smaller Busts

 It might be new for you – but wearing the necklaces helps in moving attention away from the small busts. Your necklace will get more attention than the board shoulder, and you’ll feel more confident. 

Long necklaces elongate the torso, which are particularly flattering for women with broad shoulders. Not only the necklaces, but the belts cinched at the waist are also useful in emphasizing your narrowest point, enhancing your natural shape. 

Be Confident

One of the most important aspects of fashion is how it makes you feel. Confidence is your best accessory. No matter how expensive a dress you wear, if you are not feeling confident, chances are high that you won’t feel comfortable at all.

Not to forget that the clothes are just a way to express yourself; they should make you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t feel bad if you have smaller busts. You are beautiful, and the more you believe in it, the more comfortable you’ll be in the crowd.

Conclusion – Tips to Dress Broad Shoulders and Small Bust

We love hearing from you. If you’ve tried any of these tips or have your own to share, feel free to drop a comment below. Not only post comments, but also share your feedback so that we could work to improve our content on this website.

Your journey towards finding the perfect outfit for your body type is something we’re excited to be a part of. Hopefully, this article will help you to wear the best that makes you feel special, and confident. 

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission for purchases made through the links. Learn More

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